Easy-to-use, easy-to-handle file storage for attachments

The file attachment function, which is required in many system development scenarios, can be implemented simply by calling HexabaseAPI.
Uploaded files can be linked to Hexabase data records, and access privileges are controlled in the same way as for data records.
There is no need for complicated pre-configuration or preparation of Object file storage required for cloud storage.


Hexabase Storage Features


Easy and simple storage

There is no need for troublesome advance configuration to use storage.
With Hexabase, storage can be used simply by calling the “UploadFile” API that is provided in advance.


Simple fee structure

Fees for the use of a certain amount of storage space are included in the Hexabase monthly fee. (Pre-available storage sizes vary by plan).
If you want to use a larger amount of space, you will be charged additionally through a simple pay-as-you-go system, but there is no need to add on or separate management from other cloud services. You don’t need to add or separate management from other cloud services.


Full text search hits

The full-text search function allows you to search even the text in attachments, including PDFs, Excel, and other office files.