We are looking for people to join us in growing Hexabase, a scalable multi-tenant development platform that integrates modern technology!

Currently, we are actively recruiting to improve our worldwide organizational structure, with a focus on engineers and a completely remote/flexible work schedule.

Who we are


Hexabase will be a game changer in the IT industry

In this era of DX, companies are required to have the management know-how for the next generation, not only for mere digitization, but also for data utilization and business model updates.

Hexabase provides the means and power to system development companies that are forced to adapt to change, and provides powerful systemization tools to end-user companies that are DX executors.

"Hexabase" is an indispensable tool for system development in the coming DX/UX era, and we are confident that it is the most realistic and powerful tool for the growth of our clients.

Founder CEO

Hidetoshi Iwasaki

Born in 1976, he started his career as a contracted systems development engineer in 2000, and later worked on the implementation and customized development of accounting and human resources software packages for corporations, dealing with various corporate systems issues. In the 2010s, he launched the IaaS/SaaS business from scratch and was in charge of everything from planning and development to business operations. He commercialized the business as a cloud service and developed the business mainly targeting large corporations.
In 2016, he founded the company. He developed Hexabase to close the gap where excellent cloud technology is changing the world but corporate systems are lagging far behind. He is a graduate of the School of Social Sciences at Waseda University.

I am most excited when I come across a moment when modern IT is transforming a business, and it is always inspiring to see Hexabase customers producing one great case study after another. I am happy to take on challenges at work and spend time with my family on my days off.


  • CTO/Soliva Jeane Paul Banayat


    Soliva Jeane Paul Banayat

  • COO/Takashi Katayama


    Takashi Katayama

  • CRO/Orie Mimori


    Orie Mimori

  • CPO/Hikaru Chris Ito


    Hikaru Chris Ito

  • Corporate Planning Office/Sayo Kiguchi

    Corporate Planning Office

    Sayo Kiguchi

  • Administration Department/Ayako Tominaga

    Administration Department

    Ayako Tominaga

  • Account Planner/Ryo Kitazawa

    Account Planner

    Ryo Kitazawa

  • Customer Advocate & PR/Yuko Suzuki

    Customer Advocate & PR

    Yuko Suzuki

  • Community Manager/Atsushi Nakatsugawa

    Community Manager

    Atsushi Nakatsugawa

  • Developer Marketing/Yutaka Kachi

    Product Manager

    Yutaka Kachi

  • SRE/Eduardo D. Bergavera Jr


    Eduardo D. Bergavera Jr

  • DevSecOps/Noel Jarencio


    Noel Jarencio

  • DBA/Rafael Ramoran Dagandan


    Rafael Ramoran Dagandan

  • DevOps/Pham Dinh Nguyen


    Pham Dinh Nguyen

  • Tester/Quality Assurance/Andrew

    Tester/Quality Assurance


Our Investors

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Why Hexabase

Enterprise systems are old-fashioned, difficult to use, and too expensive. Consumer software, on the other hand, offers a great UX at a low price. It was this gap that led us to launch Hexabase.
In the development of systems for corporate clients, projects often stall because the cost-effectiveness does not match the demands of the users, or because the company’s engineers cannot keep up with changes in technology and development methods.

Our “Hexabase” service consolidates functions that are frequently used behind the scenes of systems into a common “cloud-native” infrastructure environment. By undertaking the advanced infrastructure design and deployment required for future system development, as well as common back-end functions such as databases, workflow, and user management, system development engineers can focus on modern technology areas such as UX development and cloud integration. As a result, customers can build their own unique and competitive systems in a short period of time.

From CTOs and tech leaders in companies and information systems departments.
Actively accepting product feedback

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What we value

3Hexabase values

What Hexabase values

Empowering the IT industry and contributing to society

Contribute to your business growth by “modernizing” your corporate systems. We make our clients surprised and pleased with the improved usability. and delight in the new usability. This is our driving force.

Never stop challenging technology

Applying cutting-edge technology to an existing old system is actually very challenging. However, we continue to take on challenges without fear of failure. We never stop being “excited” about technology. This is our raison d’etre.

Respect the diversity of the team and its members

Nationality, age, gender, work style, aspirations. Everyone is different and everyone is good. Each and every one of us is respected just as we are. These are the values we have always cherished.

Company profile

Company Name
Hexabase Inc.
Hidetoshi Iwasaki, Founder CEO
January, 2016
Paid-in Capital
690 million yen
*Including capital reserve and other capital surplus
2-23-1-1003 Kanda Suda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0041, Japan

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