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Hexabase is an advanced BaaS (Backend as a Service) platform that provides features such as database management, API integration, and user authentication to enable rapid app development and efficient system operation.


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Performance and Scalability

Efficient resource management and easy-to-scale configuration ensure smooth response to sudden spikes in user demand. We flexibly adjust our systems as your business grows and changes, and strive to continuously improve the quality of our services. This allows us to continue providing high quality and reliable services to our customers.

Utilizing Container Technology
Microservice Configuration

Utilizes Docker container technology to create a highly microservice execution environment. This provides efficient server resource management and stable performance, optimizing system stability.

Container orchestration
with Kubernetes

Kubernetes streamlines the management of containerized applications and optimizes resource usage with features such as scaling, rollouts, and rollbacks.

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System Stability

It constantly monitors traffic conditions, controls resources to maintain system stability, and flexibly adjusts processing capacity by allocating resources as needed.


We actively utilize CI/CD processes to automate workflows from code integration to testing and deployment. Daily auto-testing allows for quick bug fixes and frequent feature updates, resulting in continuous optimization of the service.

Monitoring Tools

Efficiently monitor system performance in CI/real-time for early problem detection and rapid response. Improve the user experience by reducing downtime and optimizing performance.

Multi-cloud Environment

CI/Hexabase allows you to build a multi-cloud environment. It provides a flexible infrastructure that combines multiple cloud providers, achieving high availability and efficient resource management.

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We implement strict RBAC, secure API access via SSL/HTTPS, attack prevention by implementing WAF, and reliable data center security from AWS. 24/365 system monitoring, regular backups, and data encryption to ensure the highest standards of data integrity and privacy.

Safety Guarantee

Fine-grained role-based access control (RBAC) is always applied to data operations using APIs to protect application data. This technology is patented by Hexabase. (Patent 6978216)

Fail-safe data redundancy through SSL /HTTPS and API access via third parties.

Strong consistency of global or regional data without compromising latency and scale.

Data Center

Our services run on the most major megaclouds and operate with physical security, global certification of cloud infrastructure, and full compliance.

Compliance and

Infrastructure engineers employ a control governance model.

Every cluster or resource has different namespaces and access controls.

All organizations use MFA and tokens expire automatically.

Introduction of WAF

WAF (Web Application Firewall) effectively prevents cyber-attacks against web applications. Especially vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting and SQL injection, and greatly enhances the security of your services.

Data Safety

Three different types of backups are performed at least three times every day, increasing the safety of your data in case of an unexpected situation.
Destination storage is encrypted and retained for a certain period of time. Administrative users can also backup data on a Hexabase project basis using the CLI.

System Monitoring

We perform operational monitoring such as service life monitoring, server resource monitoring, and SSL/domain expiration dates.
It is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and when an incident occurs, an alert notification is sent to the Hexabase management team. We will promptly notify customers if necessary.
All incidents are recorded in the history, and we provide troubleshooting reports as well as investigations and reports on the root cause of troubles.

Tech stack

WAF、Load balancer


Available cloud services





Hexabase, Backend as a Service

Hexabase provides IaaS and PaaS functionality, plus the basic functions required by the back-end of the system services themselves (login, user management, access control, database, API gateway, and extended code implementation (FaaS)).



Based on a scalable, high-speed NoSQL database, we have realized a data store that can be designed to be like an RDBMS. It is a scalable, transaction-secured, and highly secure database for the cloud era. Because it utilizes a relational data model, it has high compatibility with conventional system design and can make use of existing design know-how.

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An API is available for easy implementation of uploading, browsing, and downloading of attachments. Permissions are controlled according to Hexabase’s security settings without the need for complex security settings of megacloud storage systems. Full-text search can be configured to search the contents of Office documents and PDFs.

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The Function service provided by Hexabase can be written in JavaScritpt running on the NodeJS platform, and is triggered when a Hexabase data record is registered or updated, allowing back-end processing to be extended by writing SmallCode The trigger is triggered at the time of Hexabase data record registration and updating. Data checks can be described before data registration, and processes linked to external services can be described after registration. If a Webhook is registered, it is also possible to link to external APIs when an update event occurs in Hexabase.

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Based on the Pub/Sub model, update notification events can be obtained from Hexabase at the time of data registration, etc. Using the SDK, functions such as real-time chat can be implemented. This is very effective for modern front-end development to realize reactive and interactive UX.

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All data registered in Hexabase is controlled for viewing by each record within the scope of the logged-in user’s privileges, and is automatically filtered according to the settings without the API user’s awareness. This is one of the most versatile core knowledge systems for enterprise business systems, and has been patented.

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Hexabase also specializes in enterprise development. You can assign your own domain name and restrict the source IP.

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