Hexabase is Enterprise Features

It is equipped with scalable enterprise functions such as a tree structure for setting access rights by user role, linking actions by status, and building unique UI/UX including mobile.

Achievement of “IT compliance” in internal control

Support for IT tools is essential as an element for internal control to function!
To prevent unauthorized use and human error, access rights controls and role settings can be implemented on a small scale, starting from where needed, with the ability to expand in the future.
Hexabase’s enterprise-oriented features enable scalable development that can be started small and expanded to cover the entire system, while providing the functionality necessary to achieve internal control objectives.


Features of Hexabase Enterprise


Organization Tree and Authority Management

Groups, a feature that organizes users, allows access privileges to be set in a tree structure for each user role.
Hexabase automatically filters API return values according to user group settings.

Organization Tree and Authority Management


Workflow (Business Process Management)

In system development using Hexabase, efficient and versatile screen design is possible by combining the status (status) of items and the actions that cause status changes.




Application Templates allow you to backup and restore Hexabase applications, allowing you to temporarily save a specific application environment or migrate it to another workspace.
Since they can be saved as templates, they can be reused for other projects.

Other Functions

You can grant your own domain name.

Can be restricted by source IP.