"Hexabase launches pre-orders for alpha version release with AI-driven development feature enabling rapid development in just 3 minutes with a single word!"



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Function to develop systems with just a "word"

Hexabase will implement a new feature called "AI-Driven Development," which automates application development using its in-house development platform "Hexabase," significantly reducing workload.

By integrating "Hexabase" with generative AI (ChatGPT), we enable the first AI-driven development in Japan(※1), announcing the release of the alpha version in May as the new "Hexabase."

※1: As of April 22, 2024

All you need is just a "word" to convey your thoughts to the system.
With "AI-driven development," anyone, not just engineers, can create system specifications, all at lightning speed.

The revamped "Hexabase" enables a revolutionary "AI-driven development," changing the concept and workflow of traditional system development entirely. (International patents pending for practical use)

It takes only 3 minutes(※2).

Simply input a "word" in "Hexabase," then wait for the output. Experience astonishing speed instantly.

※2: Specific figures obtained from experimental verification conducted within the company.

"AI-driven development" allows system development solely through natural language prompts. This overturns conventional wisdom by enabling essential programming tasks in system development, such as those by engineers and SEs, to be completed in just a few steps.

While engineers and SEs remain essential for improving accuracy and conducting verifications in system development, leveraging this feature significantly lowers the utilization threshold for personnel other than engineers who lack programming skills, making operations easier. As a result, it leads to a significant reduction in overall development workload.

Say goodbye to "underestimating estimates."
With dramatic workload reduction, everyone becomes happier.

We are also focusing on "estimate creation" using AI prompts.

For engineers and Sler who are constantly caught up in requirements definition and estimate creation day after day... This much-awaited service should be the first to try. By using these, you can overthrow the situation where time and personnel are inevitably spent, focusing more on refining the product you aim for with dramatic workload reduction.

Hexabase aims to propose high-speed and smart solutions with the newly equipped "AI-driven development" feature in "Hexabase," not only in system development but also in various fields of projects, departments, companies, and ultimately, Japanese society, where labor shortages are becoming a serious issue.

"Instant" system development when launching a new business.
A future where you can create "prototypes" with prompt inputs.

In new business development, it is essential to quickly create prototypes and repeatedly verify hypotheses to grasp market needs. By leveraging "AI-driven development," you can work on prototype development with overwhelming speed reduction in workload even with the same cost and time.

"I want to verify hypotheses for problem-solving."
"I want to deliver business results as soon as possible."

With this feature, it becomes easier to make important judgments and verifications, whether to proceed as is or to pivot. Depending on how it is used, it is believed that you can dive deeper into the market, speed up the success of new business development, and achieve your goals more quickly.

[Comment from Hexabase CEO, Hidetoshi Iwasaki]

We have invented technology that utilizes AI to create specifications and database designs for system development. As an engineer who has been involved in enterprise software development for a long time, I have never experienced such hope and excitement.
Many system engineers spend time from requirements definition to basic design, and then on communication with customers and developers. Even from the perspective of those who commission system development, conveying appropriate system requirements to IT engineers was highly challenging and required specialized knowledge.
The new "AI-driven development" in Hexabase automates the creation of system requirements, specifications, and design documents by using LLM (Large Language Models) to convey implementation requests to the system simply through natural language, or "word." These design specifications lead to automatic generation of source code, test specifications, and automatic test code, enabling more effective utilization of the Hexabase backend, presenting a groundbreaking solution.
Around 2015, with the emergence of Docker, the world of infrastructure and backend changed dramatically. While we were devising plans to develop backend services for many system services, we launched "Hexabase." While many tasks of backend development, such as advanced security measures, performance improvements, and server operations, can be solved by Hexabase, we felt that another innovation was necessary for the world of "modern development" that Hexabase was pioneering. That innovation is a solution for front-end development that dramatically and disruptively speeds up software development.
And in 2024. At a major turning point in software development, Hexabase, equipped with AI features, will forge the future together with all software developers and everyone who drives business using IT, filled with hope and excitement.

We will be exhibiting at "Japan IT Week 2024 Spring" (April 24-26)!

We will be exhibiting at "Japan IT Week 2024 Spring" held at Tokyo Big Sight.

We will introduce Hexabase, equipped with the latest AI-driven development features, and new business development support services. When you visit, please stop by our booth [Cloud Business Reform EXPO 2-26].

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